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Very rare medal bar for swedish major-general af Uhr.

Very nice condition. First award likely returned after the death of the recipient.

Mounted group of awards for Swedish major-general af Uhr,

- Swedish medal with the Ribbon of the Order of Seraphim, medal obviously returned.
- Östgotlands skytteförbundet medal of merit
- Order of Dannbrog, Christian X issue (1912-1947)
- Cross of Liberty 2nd class 1939 w/swords
- Pro Benigtata Humana medal
- Svensk Aeroklubb medal of merit, named
- Lithuania: Order of Gediminas, Officer, 2nd type

General af Uhr, who was commander of Swedens Flying Regiment 1 during the Winter war received the Cross of Liberty "...for helping to acquire and transport military equipments to Finland during Winter war". He received the PBH medal for efforts to help child refugees from Finland during Russo-Finnish war of 1941-1944,

Very rare historical group.

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Very extraordinary and rare combination of awards:

- The knight's cross of the Order of the Vasa of Sweden. In gold
- The Order of Polonia Restituta, knight cross 1918, very high quality.
- Svenska Brigaden medal for volunteers of Finnish civil war in 1918
- Cross of Merit of the red cross of Germany, type before 1933
- German veteran's legion medal

Also related miniatyres in mounted group. Miniatyres have one additional medal, at the moment unknown to me.

All the awards in excellent condition. -
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Very attractive group of mainly red cross awards to K A E Drachenfels.

Sweden: Voluntary medical works medal of merit, Gustvav V. Recipients name and year of award engraved on reverse.
Liettua: The Order of Gediminas 4th class,
Germany: The cross of merit of the red cross (type 1922-1934)
Spain: Medal of merit of the red cross (type 1917-1931)
Japan: Red cross medal of merit 3rd class
Austria-Hungary: Commemorative medal of the WW1 for civilian
Portugal: Commendation medal of the red cross

Recipient was from a Baltic-German family and lived his last years in Sweden. I have not been able to research him much deeper, but he has done something extraordinary with the red cross and likely during WW1 and shortly after.
He has also been awarded similar red cross awards from Denmark and Norway, which the latter is available at the Norway section.
All awards in perfect condition.
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Silver hallmarked 1905, Excellent condition

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Excellent condition

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