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Wehrmacht M/36 feldbluse (Field grey). In excellent condition with original collar tabs and shoulder boards, which have been in this tunic since the war.
Breast eagle has been removed, but very nice metal embroided officer's eagle is included with the tunic.
Tunic has loops for several decorations (see CCC, IAB and Silver wound badge attached in picture) and one for eq. Iron Cross 1st class on top of wound badge.
NOTE: Shooting lanyard, Close combat clasp, Infantry assault badge and silver wound badge are NOT included with the tunic
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Very rare lot for Paratrooper Feldwebel Herbert Franke of Fallschirm-Jäger Regiment 1.

Tunic: Luftwaffe, Feldbluse, Feldwebel.
Machine embroided Paratrooper badge stiched on as well as KRETA cufftitle.Grey wool, yellow piping, stitched-on shoulder boards, additonal button for marksmanship lanyard under the right shoulder board, Small burned (?) hole at the right shoulder - otherwise in perfect condition. Very rare Fallschirmjäger feldbluse.

Documents: - Luftwaffe Para Badge, form, folded, issued Berlin, 18. March 1941, OU Gen.Lt. Kästner
- Iron Cross, 1939, 2. class, form, folded, issued Iraklion, 29. May 1941(The landings of operation Merkury started at 20th of May, sealed, OU Oberst u. Rgt.-Kdr. Bräuer (RKdEK 24.5.40, DKiG 13.4.42)
- Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge, form, folded, issued 1. October 1942, sealed, OU Gen.Maj. u. Div.-Kdr. Heidrich (RKdEK 14.6.41, 382. EL 5.2.44, 55. X 25.3.44)
- Iron Cross, 1939, 1. class, form, folded, issued Lw.Kdo.H.Qu., 21. February 1943, sealed, OU Gen.Ob. von Greim (PLM 14.10.18, MMJO 23.10.18, RKdEK 24.6.40, 216. EL 2.4.43, 92. X 27.8.44)
- Cufftitle Kreta, form, folded, issued O.U., 20. May 1943, sealed, FU Gen.d.Fl. Student (RKdEK 12.5.40, 305. EL 27.9.43)

Feldwebel Franke took part in the landing operations of Kreta with 12th company of Fallschirmjäger-regiment 1. He jumped in the second wave with his unit near Heraklion and was the spear head of the occupation force in the eastern part of the island.
For this service Franke was decorated with the Iron Cross 2nd class.
From summer 1942 till the end of the year he served with his regiment in fighting partisans in the area of Smolensk, where he was decorated with the Ground Combat Badge and for similar actions near Orel in February 1943 with the EK 1st class. After that his unit moved to Italy and fought there until the end of war, but further research is needed to confirm Franke's destiny.

Very attractive and rare lot of a brave paratrooper who took part in the landing and occupation of Kreta as well as in fighting partisans in the East.

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Belt buckle in rather nice condition. Same type was used by Finnish JB27 volunteers who went to Germany to get military training prior our Liberation war.
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Nice condition, maker marked.
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Nice white metal ring with engraved map of Crimean peninsula and text KRIM 1942.
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Waldeck and Pyrmont - Tunic for an enlisted in the Infantery-Regiment of Wittlich (3. Kurhessisches) Nr. 83.

Early WW1 perhaps even around 1900, blue fabric, copper colored buttons, red collar and cuffs, last with yellow piping, worn, moth holes,

shooting badge, 1. class, shoulderboards no. 83.
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Scarce early stamped alloy DLV, "Deutscher Luftsport Verband" (German Air-sport Association) buckle with leather. DLV was founded in 1933 and all civilian flying clubs, as well as the flying units of the SA and SS, were merged into it in 1933. DLV was one of the organizations, that were used to hide the re-armament of Reich under the WW1 Versailles treaty. DLV was merged into the NSFK, "Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps" (National-socialist Flying-corps), in 1937.

Early buckle with "party-style" eagle compared to later almost identical RLB buckles. Leather marked by "...xx Ludenscheid". Nice condition.
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Prussian WW1 belt buckle with leather. Steel model with some original paint left. Scarce stormtroop-type compared to early messing parade-type ones. Marked on leather by maker and 1917.
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